About Us

Why we started

Blackfridaybuys was established in 2019. Blackfridaybuys started as a boutique women's clothing store in Hong Kong opened by founder Helen Wu and friends. However, due to the limitations of the physical store, the products are not rich enough, and it cannot follow the trend in real time. In order to follow the market trend, an online store called "Blackfridaybuys" has been launched.

Who we are

Blackfridaybuys sells to young women and sells tops, dresses, outerwear, hoodies, sweatshirts, bottoms, swimwear and more, and offers delivery of over 20 countries including the US, Canada and more.
Blackfridaybuys is an online clothing boutique that aggregates real-time trends. It features a wide variety, high quality, and fast logistics. At Blackfridaybuys you will find a large number of beautiful products of very good prices. If you browse our website, you'll always find the top-notch products, fashion apparel and more you've been dreaming of.

We always believe that our products will bring you confidence and beauty. When you wear our clothes, you will be the star of the crowd.

How we developed

In 2020, we moved to the online market. We have positioned our sales areas in Europe and the United States, and put our energy and time into this, providing us with valuable experience to move forward.
In 2021, we have re-selected logistics service providers based on customer feedback to ensure faster and safer delivery of goods.

Where we are going

Our vision
Let people around the world be at the forefront of fashion.
We believe that your outfit will become the current fashion trend, and you are the direction indicator of the world trend.

Our goal
Let more and more customers enjoy the pleasure of shopping!
No matter who you are, no matter where you are, Blackfridaybuys will provide you with high-quality and inexpensive products. If you are concerned about fashion and want to get the latest products, choosing Backfridaybuys are your best choice. Blackfridaybuys can provide safe and efficient services and products at competitive prices. We strive to provide every customer in the world with high-quality and low-cost products, and our goal is to be able to provide services to everyone in the world. But our vision will not change.

We are available at: [email protected]

Social Media: https://www.pinterest.com/blackfridaybuys_official/

Our Business Location: Shop 348, Level 3, Metro Plaza, Kwai Fong, Hong Kong